Tinnitus support group meeting

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Support Group Meeting for Tinnitus

There is finally a support group meeting launched for people having Tinnitus. April 30th marked the launch of Noble’s Hospital’s Audiology Service Support group meeting for adults and children with Tinnitus, hearing loss and balance problem.

This meeting was facilitated by Advanced Audiologist, Matthew Rudd at the Lodge Training facility close to the Noble’s Hospital.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care the main purpose of the group is to provide support for not only for people suffering with Tinnitus but also their families.

This Tinnitus support group meeting is a monthly event which will feature guest presenters and speakers like the British Tinnitus Association which will attend in July.

The Tinnitus Awareness day held by the audiology service last year showed that alot of tinnitus suffers from accross the country would love the chance to meet for advice relating to tinnitus.

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Mr Rudd said: ‘The support group will provide an informal opportunity for people to come together, chat about the condition, share ideas and concerns in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Anyone affected by tinnitus, including people who have not received a diagnosis but think that they may have tinnitus, are welcome to come along and join in.’

The audiology service aims to facilitate the meetings initially, with a view to members taking on the running of the group in the future.

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