Best Tinnitus Forums Around

Best Tinnitus Forums Around

On this page you will find what deem as the best Tinnitus Forums around. Living with Tinnitus can be extremely different, especially when you may be the only one in your family who has it, none of your friends has it and no one can relate. They just don’t get it! They don’t understand when you try to explain to them, they may say ‘It’s not a big deal’ or ‘You’ll get over it’ or ‘It will soon go away’. No one understand but you and others who have Tinnitus. A good support system is efficient in helping you to cope and to know that you are not alone.

Articles you may find useful:

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I have found a great Tinnitus forum where you can share your experiences, get advice, learn how others cope and more. Its called Tinnitus Talk Support Forum. You can sign up to Tinnitus Forum here.

Tinnitus forum


Another great Tinnitus Forum that I found is MyTinnitus. It has two sections: one for German Speakers and one for English Speakers. This “Tinnitus forum” is not as popular as the former but it’s do-able. You can sign up to My Tinnitus Forum here.

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