6 ways to stop Ringing and Buzzing in Ears

How to stop Ringing and Buzzing in Ears

Experiencing ringing or buzzing in your ears? This article is not only aimed at helping you to know how to stop buzzing in ears but also how to stop ringing in ears using natural methods. 

If you have tinnitus and want to know how to make ears stop ringing through natural treatments here are some recommended herbal food and products:

1. How To stop Ringing in ears With Oregano

how to stop buzzing in ears with oregano

how to stop buzzing in ears with oregano

Oregano is a good choice to help to stop ringing in ears. Oregano is a genus of the mint family and it is not only used for cooking but it has substantial amount of health claims associated with it’s strong antibacterial, antioxidans, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

This food will help to stop ringing in ears though its high amounts of thymol, carvacol, ocimene,caryophyllene, pinene and limonene which helps to keep away pathogens that might cause inflammation and infections of the ear canals that leads to tinnitus.

Oregano is associated with minimizing tinnitus associated with aging by slowing down degeneration of cells and inhibiting the overgrowth of bad bacteria which results in a healthier internal environment. The recommended dose is daily. You can find oregano in your local grocery stores.

how to stop tinnitus

2. How To Stop Ringing In Ears Using Green Tea

stop buzzing in ears with green tea

stop buzzing in ears with green tea

Green tea is used as natural treatment for many various ailments including,ringing in the ears; tinnitus. Green tea is so powerful because it has strong antioxidant effects and other ingredients that makes it able to reduce harmful effects of free radicals in the body by fighting the free radicals.

It is often used as natural treatment for various health conditions, mainly due to its strong antioxidant effect, ingredients in this beverage being able to fight against free radicals and to reduce the harmful effects these compounds have on cells inside the human body.

Furthermore, it helps to prevent inflammation and infection associated with tinnitus. If you wanted to know, How to stop buzzing in ears, then you should definitely incorporate green tea in your daily diet. It is important to note that for some people, green tea leads to a drop in their blood pressure and sugar levels, so you may want to add some honey to prevent these side effects.

By preventing inflammations and infections, green tea helps in reducing the risk of tinnitus and in controlling symptoms of this condition, being well known that among the most common triggers of this ailment are infections of the ear canals.

3. How To Stop Buzzing In Ears By Avoiding Saturated Fats

How to stop buzzing in ears

How to stop ringing in ears

Saturated fats increases the risk of internal inflammatory processes and changes the blood’s compositions by making you more prone to buzzing in the ears, ie, tinnitus. By removing these foods from your diet; limiting your sugar intake, dairy products rich in fat and processed food, this lessens your risk for damaging cells in your ears and helping to stop ringing in your ears.

4. How To stop Buzzing In Ears By Reducing The Coffee Intake

how to stop buzzing in ears by avoiding coffee

how to stop ringing in ears by avoiding coffee

Contrary to what a lots of people believe,  unhealthy foods, exposure to loud noises or bacteria are not the only elements that can trigger the annoying buzzing in ears associated with tinnitus. Intake of beverages like coffee that has excessive caffeine can also lead to tinnitus. So it’s a good idea to reduce coffee intake to help to stop ringing in ears.

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5. How To stop ringing In Ears with Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is a very strong natural antioxidant and is a great solution for people who want to stop buzzing in ears without relying on pharmaceutical products and medical treatments.

Pycnogenol helps to enhance the blood supply in the inner ears, thus helping to reverse the symptoms of tinnitus and speeding up the recovery of already damaged ear cells.  Grape seed extracts and Bilberries are two natural sources of Pycnogenol.

6. How To Cure Ringing In The Ears With Cinnamon Bark

cinnamon bark tinnitus

stop buzzing in ears with cinnamon bark

Last tip for those who want to know how to stop buzzing in ears you should use cinnamon bark on a regular basis. Extract, powders and teas from Cinnamon bark have antibacterial properties and stop the spreading of bacteria inside the body and can prevent yeast infections.

By doing so, cinnamon barks also prevents the occurrence of ear infections, which are often the root cause of tinnitus. Cinnamon Bark also ensures normal blood sugar levels and is also rich in iron, manganese and calcium, as well as in fibers, it is indeed a great addition to any diet.