What is Tenitus/Tenitis and how to get rid of it?


Tenitus/Tenitis information and help

What is Tenitis/Tenitus?

what is tenitus tenitis

However you spell or pronounce it, (tenitus, tenitos, tenitos, tinnitus, tenittus, tennitis,tinnitus, tenitis, tinitos, tinnitus, tenittos, tennittos, tinitis, tinnitus, tennittis, tennittus, tinittus, tinnittus, or tenittis) it is the same; Tenitus, tenitis, (or whichever spelling you prefer to use) is a phantom sound in the ears. This sound can be presented a ringing, chirping, buzzing, hissing, clanging or other sounds.


What causes Tenitus/Tenitis?

causes of tenitus or tenitis

The causes of Tenitis/Tenitus includes aging, loud noise, Otosclerosis disease, Earwax blockage, Meniere’s disease, Malformation of capillaries, High blood pressure, Atherosclerosis, Turbulent blood flow, Acoustic neuroma and Neck or jaw Injuries. Certain medications can also cause Tenitus. See more details of the causes of tenitis.


Side effects of Tenitus/Tenitis

side effects of tenitus tenitis


As if tenitis was not bad enough all by itself, tenitus is a facilitator of other health issues. The side effects of tenitus includes sleeping problem, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, stress, depression and memory problems.


5 Tips for coping with tenitus/tenitus

tips for coping with tenitus or tenitis


  1. Do not worry – Worrying = Stressing and stress makes tenitis worst.
  2. Exercise often – A combination of exercise and rest is know to help tenitis
  3. No alcohol or caffeine – Alcohol and caffeine are known to make tenitus worst, avoid them.
  4. Practice Healthy eating – Fruits and fibre are reported to help tenitus
  5. White noise – Smooth, calm, regular, repetitious External sounds can suppress your tinnitus. Try listening to relaxing audio, especially when trying to sleep.


Solutions/Help for your Tenitus/Tenitis

get rid of tenitus tenitis


Ginko Biloba is known to help relief tenitus. There are also other proven holistic solutions for tenitis and natural solutions for tenitus.



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