Using Cocaine and Wine to treat Tinnitus results in Death

can cocaine and wine cure tinnitus?

Does Cocaine and Wine Cure tinnitus?

You may have hear that Cocaine and wine is a good remedy for treating tinnitus, but is that true?

Here is a true story of a 34 year old Mother, Claire Fielding, who died of a heart attack after she used cocaine and wine to treat severe Tinnitus.

Claire Fielding suffered severe tinnitus (buzzing noise in her ears) which disrupted her life tremendously and to get some relieve she would take 4g of cocaine and drink a half a bottle of wine, every night.


Claire Finding

Her boyfriend of 17 years, James Goodyear, 41, disclosed that “She had hearing problems which deteriorated more recently.”

“She also had problems with panic attacks and with her breathing. There were two or three occasions where she had struggled to breathe. She did drink about half a bottle of wine most nights, regularly. She suffered from tinnitus and that’s what calmed her. It was this buzzing in her ears all the time. I knew that she took cocaine at weekends sometimes. It was a form of self medication for her.” he continued.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Claire’s died of a heart attack resulting from her cocaine usage.

The conclusion

Although the wine and cocaine helped Claire to cope with her severe tinnitus, it caused more harm than good. It by no means cured her tinnitus, it was a temporary fix that eventually lead to her death.

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