constant ringing in ears


Constant Ringing in Ears

You may be experiencing Constant Ringing in Ears and you may be wondering ‘where is this high pitched ringing in ears coming from?’. That non stop ringing in the ears is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sound of high pitched buzzing, roaring, swishing or ringing in the ears. This constant ringing seems to amplify when you are in a quiet environment and you may develop fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms with this ‘Constant ringing in the ears‘ condition, tinnitus.

Constant Ringing in ears

Constant Ringing in ears

You are not alone in the fight against Tinnitus AKA Constant Ringing in ears, there are around 50 million people in the US suffering from this ringing in ears condition and millions more world wide, with treatment Tinnitus can be improved. Any one can get this condition, but some persons are more at risk than others for example, white men over the age of 65 with hearing related problems are more at risk and also those with post traumatic stress and exposure to loud noise over an extended period are more at risk, see what causes constant ringing in ears.

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