Autifony Tinnitus

autifony tinnitus

Autifony Tinnitus


Autifony has done a preliminary phase 1 clinical trial of tinnitus on rat models. Autifony’s approach to Tinnitus is to target particular ion channels which play a key role at many levels of the central auditory pathway, this ion channel is known as Kv3 voltage gated potassium channels. Autifony and other studies to date confirms the importance of Kv3 channels at all levels of the auditory pathway. 

autifony tinnitus

autifony tinnitus

The Autifony Tinnitus Research Methodology

The Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference held in May 2013 unveils the results of the Autifony Tinnitus research led by Dr Jeremy Turner. The study entailed the usage of Kv3 positive modulator on a rat model who had exposure to noise-induced tinnitus. The study showed that after noise exposure, loss of KV3 channel function was observed which may contribute to the emergence of tinnitus. In the study, 30 rats (10 of which were sham controls) were used and were exposed to unilateral frequencies (octave-band noise) for one hour in order to induce chronic tinnitus or temporary hearing loss. After a period of 30 days, approximately half the noise-exposed rats demonstrated lack in the auditory gap processing, consisting with the presence of tinnitus. All 30 rats were administered 30 and 60 mg/kg doses of AUT3 (a kv3.1 positive modulator) with 48 hours washout between treatments. 

Results of Autifony Tinnitus Research

Both 30 and 60 mg/kg doses of AUT3 eliminated evidence of tinnitus, while the drug had no effect on the behavior of control rats or noise exposed rats without tinnitus.

Conclusions on Autifony Tinnitus Research

  • AUT3, a Kv3.1 positive modulator, suppresses chronic noise-induced tinnitus in a rat model.
  • AUT3 has potential in treatment of chronic tinnitus associated with noise induced hearing loss.
  • Profiling of the lead compound shows that it can modulate function in both brainstem and cortex in ways that could be beneficial in the treatment of tinnitus.
  • Autifony Tinnitus Research shows that Autifony’s drugs can reduce both the behavioural and electrophysiological correlates of tinnitus in preclinical models.

Based on the results of the current researches Autifony could be a break through for all persons who have tinnitus. AUT3 is still in the testing phase, but in the mean time, I have researched and found a tinnitus resource that I deem to be helpful for persons who have tinnitus…you may want to check it out as it could help you to relieve your tinnitus. Check it out———> Click here

Phase 2 of Autifony Trial

See the second phase of Autifony Tinnitus Research

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