Autifony Tinnitus Phase ii Research

autifony tinnitus

Autifony Tinnitus (KV3) Phase ii Research- AUT00063

Autifony is known for pioneering the development of novel pharmaceutical treatments for hearing disorders and now they have moved on to the next phase in it’s tinnitus research. Autifony is studying Tinnitus Subjects with its lead compound AUT00063 as they are exploring the potential and effectiveness of AUT00063 which is a Kv3 potassium channel modulator which is expected to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus. Autifony has named this Research: QUIET-1 study, Quest In Eliminating Tinnitus

autifony tinnitus

autifony tinnitus

How and Where will the Autifony Tinnitus (KV3) Study be conducted?

The study will be done  in 12 key hospital sites across the UK which will be lead by Professor Jaydip Ray, Professor Deborah Hall, just to name a few, as lead academic collaborator. In Phase 1 of Autifony Tinnitus study, the lead compound, AUT00063 showed a good safety and tolerability profile, and pharmacokinetics compatible with once daily oral dosing. This Tinnitus Trial (2015) which is Phase ii of Autifony Tinnitus KV3 study, will focus  on tinnitus associated with hearing loss following noise exposure or aging. Test Subjects will undergo four weeks of once daily dosing of AUT00063. The US is soon to be a location for the Phase ii Autifony Tinnitus KV3 Clinical Trial. According to the CEO of Autifony, Dr. Charles Large “There are no drugs yet approved for the treatment of tinnitus, and there is a considerable need to treat this surprisingly common and very disturbing condition. Tinnitus affects over 10% of the UK population, and seriously impacts quality of life for up to 1% of people, disrupting sleep and concentration, as well as affecting their hearing and emotional state”. In addition, David Stockdale, CEO of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) commented, “At the BTA we continue to work towards finding a cure for tinnitus and ways to help reduce the symptoms of this incredibly common condition. We are delighted to support this trial moving into its next phase and will be monitoring progress closely.”

So there you have it, Autifony is working hard on a treatment drug for Tinnitus, hopefully we’ll have a treatment soon. We will keep you posted on any further Autifony Tinnitus KV3 Research update. In the meanwhile, I have researched and found a tinnitus resource that I deem to be helpful for persons who have tinnitus…you may want to check it out as it could help you to relieve your tinnitus. Check it out———> Click here

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